The aviation air cargo and supply chain industry has not had many technological breakthroughs in the past decade, but with the launch of Airblox, that’s about to change.

Product Management Lead and Co-Founder Farhan Farrukh says, “The industry is rising with eCommerce, and globalization is driving many forces for things to happen quickly, effectively, efficiently, through sustainability. And I think it’s exciting because, from a technological standpoint, there is a lot of potential for the ecosystem of aviation cargo, supply chain, and logistics to thrive. A digital marketplace for cargo capacity has never been established. The aviation industry has a lot of booking platforms but not a capacity exchange. And within the world of aviation, there hasn’t been a FinTech platform that has been established to facilitate block space agreements.”

With over one hundred and fifty different airlines, over one hundred thousand freight forwarders, and a plethora of freight sites, a centralized marketplace as a tool for digital sustainability and access to multiple solutions for cargo capacity makes sense for the industry as a whole. From the forwarders who need to move cargo, can trade, or need more capacity to the carriers selling that capacity, it’s a symbiotic relationship where everyone wins. Airblox is not only a marketplace but a community that can be used as a strategy to benefit all members.

Airblox won’t be resting on our laurels any time soon. We’re strategizing further advancement and evolution with product-led growth. This marketplace wasn’t born in a vacuum. It was carefully and masterfully crafted while collaborating with people in the industry who’d be the primary users of the platform. Talking to people with boots on the ground. We incorporated feedback in our prototype designs and features, cultivated relationships and lines of communication through the process, participated in the community, and thought about how we could best serve this community.

At Airblox, we understand the particular pain points of freight forwarders, airlines, and managing cargo capacity. Farrukh said, “This marketplace was designed for everyone to use as part of a strategic toolbox, not just to adapt when met with challenges.”

Please reach out if you have questions about what we can do for you or how our platform can best serve your cargo needs. We’d love to hear from you and find your solutions today.