The Loadstar reports that Vietnam’s economy is forecasted to grow fastest in Southeast Asia. Their GDP is predicted to hit 8.5% growth by the year’s end, which isn’t new. This has been a steady trend for the last several years.

Airblox’s own Strategic Advisor, Mike Oslansky, has been visiting Vietnam since 2007, and he’s seen evidence of this growth in person. When he first began visiting, the roads were mostly bicycles and scooters. On his most recent trip, he noticed that the roads were dominated by cars and scooters, a key benchmark to enter the arena as a world player.

Growth is also evident in the change in manufacturing. Many textile manufacturers are shifting away from China and looking for new opportunities and landscapes for their operations. Tech is seeing a boom with Google, Microsoft, Apple, and HP, among others, opening shops in Vietnam. Airbus and Boeing are also manufacturing aircraft parts for export. This means huge opportunities for air cargo—-most importantly, opportunities for high-value goods. Not only is the economy growing, it’s doing so by diversifying manufacturing. Oslansky says, “It’s a great and wonderful market to be part of, and it’s only going to grow. It just makes sense to strategize how we can impact this market together.”

As a dominant player in this emerging market, Airblox recently hosted an event for the Vietnam Air Cargo Community (VACC) to promote networking, facilitate business, and participate in the best part of what we do in the logistics industry: the people connection.

If you want to be part of the people connection while moving your cargo with our capacity tools, contact Airblox today. We have access to coveted lanes in and out of this emerging market and others.

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