Will technology change relationships in the air cargo business?

The effect technology has on all industries cannot be underestimated. Its presence has transformed the way all major companies operate. 

The air cargo industry is no different, whether providing a digital journey from beginning to end, introducing Artificial intelligence (AI) to simplify processes, or providing ease of use to your end customers. 

According to Stuart Hayman, head of carrier integration and transformation at Cargowise,

“Smart airlines will use technology to differentiate themselves. Inflation, consumer spending and inventories all impact the air cargo volume and have proven to be less predictable since the pandemic. Many argue that the air cargo industry has lacked comprehensive digital integration for too long. Focusing on digitalization will enable stakeholders to be more agile and better adapt to these rapidly changing market conditions.”

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Stuart’s statement is spot on. As an industry, we’ve been in a season of unstable market conditions. At Airblox, our digital integrations with cargo management systems will revolutionize how capacity is bought and sold. 

Lakshmi Ajay, Associate Editor at STAT Media Group, references TIACAs quote,

“The industry needs to continue pushing forward as industry standards, modern and robust, are now available. Legacy players have transformed into digital companies and successful digital-native companies are challenging the status quo and introducing modern practices. It is time for the 34% who are not yet adopting digital processes to accelerate the pace!”- TIACA.

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Freight Forwarders are no longer requesting digital experience but demanding it. We must embrace technological advances quickly in an industry where speed, agility, and efficiency are required. 

At Airblox, while we believe technology doesn’t change the fact that air cargo is indeed a relationship business, technology solves many manual difficulties in the air cargo industry. 

Using technology will bring people and business relationships in our industry closer together, not separate us.

Technology does not cut people out of the picture; it simplifies processes and provides our current efficiencies. As an air cargo industry, we must embrace digital solutions to streamline how supply chain professionals do business today.

Written by: Iyman Mustafa, Head of Business Development at Airblox