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Airblox is a FREE digital platform for Airlines, GSAs and Freight Forwarders to utilize.

We understand cargo logistics isn’t easy, but securing capacity and growing your business should be!

Search Airline Capacity

Lock-in competitive prices for carrier lanes world-wide.

Trusted Network

Rest easy knowing we onboard reliable airlines and forwarders in the industry.

Easy Payments

Guaranteed payments for airlines and pay-later options for freight forwarders.

Data & Analytics

Use data to make the best buying and selling decisions for profitability.

Secure Rates

Airlines list capacity up to 6 months giving you the ability to plan ahead.

Digital Tools

Free tools at your fingertips. Use RFP/RFQ solutions to connect faster.

Solutions For Freight Forwarders

We get it. Reserving air cargo space should be easy. At Airblox we’ve simplified your processes through our digital marketplace.

Reserve capacity from days to months in advance, lock in competitive rates, and watch your business grow.

A Network You Can Trust

Our goal is for Airlines, GSAs, and Freight Forwarders to come together through our digital platform. Reduce back and forth phone calls and long email chains. Every organization using Airblox is screened through our team to ensure a reliable and trusted network.

New Opportunities For Airlines & GSAs

We understand the challenges airlines and GSAs face. Airblox was created to ease the cargo sales processes with our digital platform, elevating your visibility to reach new cargo customers.

By allowing forwarders to reserve your capacity in advance, you can increase revenue with strategic planning and pricing.

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We value our customers

The ability to quickly access available capacity has streamlined our operations beyond belief. We no longer waste precious time negotiating with multiple airlines. Instead, we can instantly secure the space we need, giving us a competitive edge in the industry.

“Airblox has been a game-changer for our operations. Having a platform that works tirelessly on our behalf, 24/7, has made listing our capacity and working with forwarders a breeze. It’s like having an extra team member that never sleeps!”